God Will Guard Our Hearts And Minds Against Those Who Judge

How does He do that, God is invisible. He does when we decide to believe in His Power, Goodness, and Wisdom. We then sense His presence. It is a hard task because flesh and blood people can be imposing and forceful especially when you are the one being called out as an outsider not typical in abilities/looks/etc. This is especially hard for the families/ parents of someone who is not typical. You watch the pain and isolation on the face of your loved one. You want to protect them and teach that person a lesson or at least convince them of the merits of accepting each person as an individual not putting people into boxes but looking at each person’s strengths/ weaknesses as opportunities for growth. They mostly do not listen!

There is one catch for God to do what He says He will….We strive for no revenge, ill thoughts, hatred, judgment on our part as much as we can manage ourselves then Christ through the Holy Spirit makes up the difference. It not about perfect behavior, it is about your heart’s intent!  We pray for and bless those who we consider our enemies leaving them in God’s hands to work out the details that we can not control.  It is about casting our cares upon the mighty capable shoulders of Christ who has full authority in our matters when we release them into His care. He will work everything out for our good as we chose faith over our own reasoning of what to do to take care of the situation. The Holy Spirit will direct our words, actions, and even emotions if we allow Him to do so unknowingly hurt or judge those who they don’t understand or chose to not understand for a large number of reasons. He will guard our hearts whose mind is stayed on Him. Yeah God!

This is not easy by any stretch of the imagination! but by my testimony and by many others it is true. As a new creature in Him, we are so much more than what we came into the world with the first time around. As the reborn into the Kingdom of God, we have amazing possibilities. ( see list available as pdf. knowing who I am in Christ- Joyce Meyer)



Anger- What Shall I do With You?

As a Christian I continued  to see the lack of concern and compassion for outliers although many recognize the needs but they don’t develop ownership of reaching out to the outliers. Much like those in the story of the good Samaritan who walked by because of variety of reasons who also did not they don’t develop ownership of reaching out to someone in obvious need.  When faced with the choice of getting involved there is the thought someone else will certainly take care of this!

People don’t respond well to anger to create change. It only in20170206_055224.jpgcites and gathers others around you that are angry as well.  I recently found less obvious forms of anger in my life that need to change to grace, mercy, forgiveness, hope and faith.

I had allowed myself to become motivated to action by this behavior where as I needed to concentrate on being the one who did not walk by and had compassion and used his own resources and time to help the vulnerable person in need. I need to let God handle the situation and provide as I release the injustices into His hands. Why should I do this when it is harder than swinging into action to make a difference.

This is a tall order and I will need the Holy Spirit to make these changes and transform.

In Colossians 3:8 We are to put away and rid ourselves of all of these things- anger, rage, bad feelings toward others, curses from our lips! 11 We put on a new spiritual self, being renewed and remolded into a new image of Him who created it.  12 We are His chosen on , who are purified and  holy and well beloved by God Himself by putting on behavior marked by patience, long suffering with power to endure whatever comes, with good temper. 15 letting peace which comes from Christ rule in our heart to be our umpire deciding and settling all questions that arise in our minds. Being thankful, giving praise to God always.

Next an action plan to help guide that transformation! Then we can see some real progress in dealing with this situation that instigates the emotion of anger…


As of late I have been shown my life in a self-reflective mirror that has revealed one of my greatest causes of a loss of hope and peace-Anger. I have had this constant companion in my life for a variety of reasons. Most of these stem from a lack of justice and those in the position who did not take ownership and do something about people who were marginalized- in my case someone who didn’t measure up to other’s ideal. The anger shows itself in different forms. And in some cases very justified in its expression. It had become part of my identity to which has not served me well.

Some of the more obvious forms I thought I had tackled and removed. Be angry and sin not…  My rational was Jesus became angry at injustice and expressed that to right a wrong so I kept some of my anger to push me, to drive me for a greater good but it didn’t create good, only division. The anger unchecked turns into something unhealthy.

I had made a vow to change things to help others to not experience the same damages I had experienced but it was not happening but I did find myself preaching to a choir of people that felt the same.  I now realize there is something that I can not change- people to become compassionate and do the right thing but I do know someone who can!

…..to be continued