As of late I have been shown my life in a self-reflective mirror that has revealed one of my greatest causes of a loss of hope and peace-Anger. I have had this constant companion in my life for a variety of reasons. Most of these stem from a lack of justice and those in the position who did not take ownership and do something about people who were marginalized- in my case someone who didn’t measure up to other’s ideal. The anger shows itself in different forms. And in some cases very justified in its expression. It had become part of my identity to which has not served me well.

Some of the more obvious forms I thought I had tackled and removed. Be angry and sin not…  My rational was Jesus became angry at injustice and expressed that to right a wrong so I kept some of my anger to push me, to drive me for a greater good but it didn’t create good, only division. The anger unchecked turns into something unhealthy.

I had made a vow to change things to help others to not experience the same damages I had experienced but it was not happening but I did find myself preaching to a choir of people that felt the same.  I now realize there is something that I can not change- people to become compassionate and do the right thing but I do know someone who can!

… be continued



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