When Rejected By Others There Is One True Thing…

As adopted children of God we have something that no rejection can diminish or take away that ensures our satisfaction of this life.

20160620_210914I have been reading a book and Bible study by Lysa TerKeurst,Uninvited, Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out , and Lonely, that was a loving gift from a dear friend.

Lately God has been letting experiences come into my life that remind me of the feelings of being on the outskirts of life even though I am fully involved with people who love me and support me. But in two areas those feelings have been challenged in major ways. One is my marriage which is now over and two is actually root of it all. My feelings of being not approved of and/ or accepted. These are  being challenged by my loving God.

Who is telling me something just the opposite, I am approved of, accepted and even celebrated over by Him, my heavenly Father.

Yes, we have all had experiences were we have been invisible, forgotten, dismissed, or flat out pushed out. Some of us more than others. I had loving parents, my physical needs were always met. I can say I never had an overtly abusive event happen to me but I perceived many of my life’s events as ones that placed an idea placed in my head that I was not enough. Where did it come from- I have an idea and we normally imagine a red being with horns and a pitchfork.

I had a gut feeling something was different about me and possibly wrong most of my life because I wasn’t like other people. I would see things differently. We all know how well that goes over with the human race, they get uncomfortable then try figure it out what is different then try to change it to fit into a mold of others.

Now I know I have been set apart for a reason to be different and God knew it all along but I didn’t know how to access that information. I had to go with what I had around me. Being raised in a Christian home was a great start but I was so distracted by my circumstances the words, God loves you, sounded more like a question than the answer.

God has led me to different resources to help me learn what He asks us to do by casting our cares on Him and He will keep our hearts in peace. He offers security and a sense of belonging no matter the circumstances.

He is more than enough connecting me ad you if you ask, to God the Father enabling us with His power through the Holy Spirit who now resides within our spirit. We believe it and accept then listen and follow His instructions. This is our part. Choosing to know that we are as Lysa TerKeurst so beautifully said it, living loved, knowing the fullness of God is more than enough to fill us up so there is no place in our spirit to accept the feelings of rejection as the truth and part of our identity. We may have those events in our lives to suggest that is who we are but our part is to turn down that opportunity and identify ourselves with who God says we are- set apart and fully loved by Him. He will give us our sense of security and love. What we get from this world in the way of relationships and our work responsibilities are a bonus. And when it goes south which many times it may. We do not, because we know we are covered.

What resources you say- I want those too!  Here the part of God’s good plan, Ephesians 2:10 that is individualized for each of us. We seek Him, read His words, praying first for Him to lead and guide us to what we need. He will- He also will! never leave us or abandon us! I have listed some scriptures that are a great starting place. When I read I keep something handy to take notes and except to connect!

Ephesians 1:4-5, 2:10, 3:14-19; Hebrews 13:5; Galatians 5; Psalms 23; Matthew 7:9-12, 11:29; Isaiah 61

A great song to listen to is -Matthew West, Mended.

Next Our response to those who reject us, especially injusticely, to protect us and our peace…..


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